“I have been living with back pain for so long, and I finally decided to find help. I bought a Groupon and called Greenwood Chiropractic. I am SO thankful that I did! I’ve been a patient of Dr. Michael’s for almost a month now, and I feel better than ever. He did a comprehensive exam, including x-rays, and figured out exactly what was causing my chronic pain. I really look forward to my visits, because I know I’ll continue to feel better after each one.

Last week I went in with a pinched nerve and Dr, Michael diagnosed it right away, did a few special Chiropractic moves, and presto… the pain was gone. I’m so used to just dealing with the pain, so this was amazing to me!

One more thing, I have to say that I have never felt more welcome in an office than I do at Greenwood Chiropractic! I’m greeted immediately when I walk in, I have a little chat with Kristi, and then I’m whisked off for my treatment. Such a positive experience! I feel like family!


Penny E.

“I absolutely love this place. It’s my first real chiropractor experience and I’m thankful it turned out to be so pleasant. It all starts with Kristi at the front desk, she is so sweet, caring, and always up for a good chat. Dr Michael is very knowledgable in his practice. I had a pinched sciatic nerve and shifted hips. He was able to make my spine perfectly straight again and get my hips to even out. I have very limited amount of nerve pain now, usually caused by my activity level, and he typically fixes me up with every visit. This place is great and not to mention his sons own Mr Gyros. Win win combo for me.”

Jay G.

“My experience at Greenwood Chiropractic Clinic was as good as it could be, considering the circumstances under which I had to visit. When I first started, I could barely walk because of a back injury. In fact, without Dr. Michaels immediate assistance, the damage might have become permanent.

Everyone at the clinic, especially the office administrator, Kristi, was extremely friendly and eager to do whatever it takes to get me the right treatment. While I was nervous about paying for treatment, since I don’t have health insurance, the doctor worked out an affordable plan that was better than anything I could have hoped for anywhere else. He sincerely wanted to help me get out of this crippling pain and get back to my normal self as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking for an intimate environment where the doctor and staff know you personally and see you through what might be some of the hardest times in your life, I’d recommend a consultation at Greenwood Chiropractic.

Great people! Thank you so much!”

Alina S.

“I started visiting Dr. Michael after my husband got sick of hearing me complain about my neck hurting and bought me a Groupon for a massage and consultation.

The massage was awesome, but more importantly, I thought Dr. Michael did a fantastic job of treating my back and neck pain. I noticed results within weeks, and kept returning for treatment even after I exceeded my insurance’s yearly limit. Kristi, the office manager, was always a pleasure, and she had no problem calling me to check in if I was running late. I since have stopped visiting because I moved too far away to make it to Greenwood regularly, but I miss Dr. Michael!”

Chelsea C.

“I have been a patient at Greenwood Chiropractic for six months and my neck and back have improved 90%. The staff at Greenwood Chiropractic are incredibly nice and go out of their way to ensure top quality care.

For example, I had a headache from sleeping on the ground and was nervous about an upcoming backpacking trip. Kristi asked Dr. Michael for advice and called me. She even looked at a sporting goods store for a neck brace for me.

More recently, I went on a long road trip and they lent me a back cushion to try, in hopes of minimizing the impact on my back.

I highly recommend Greenwood Chiropractic!”

Courtney N.

“I have nothing but positive things to say about Greenwood Chiropractic. I started going here because I knew I needed a chiropractor but since I had recently moved from Michigan I didn’t know where to go, I got a Groupon for a free exam, adjustment, and massage and I could not be happier with the service. My treatment was going great and my back was feeling much better and then I was in a car accident. Dr. Michael went out of his way to make sure I was okay and to fit me in for treatment. Everyone at the office gave me advice for dealing with the insurance company after the car accident. Both massage therapists, Jennifer and Janice, are great and I always feel so much better after my appointments with them. The receptionist, Kristi, is always so friendly, helpful and understanding if I need to move my appointments. I look forward to every appointment because everyone in the office is so welcoming and I know I will feel better after.”

Samantha S.

“I am a true fan and also a long time patient of at least 3 years at greenwood chiropractic!! I was having sciatica from a work injury and was seeing another chiropractor and was about to give up on this type of treatment. I decided to give another try and found Dr. Micheal. With a little bit of time now I do not have that issue anymore along w/ keeping up my adjustments every 3 weeks.

Dr. Michael, along with his team, will do things above and beyond to help their patients in an emergency situation. For example, I sprained my back and was so uncomfortable and called to make an appointment, but due to my schedule, it would have been a couple of days. So he actually came in on his day off and gave me an adjustment to give me some relief. That was so amazing!! Reading other peoples’ reviews makes me want to mention that with any Chiropractor you choose, you have to understand depending on the severity or your problem you might not see results overnight and once you do feel better it’s important to go to your upkeep appointment’s. It’s so important for your long- term health in so many ways!!! I sleep great, feel great and am able to enjoy a very active lifestyle! My mother and my husband are patients as well for the last 2 years.

It is in a totally fine neighborhood that I also work in and the office is simple but very neat and organized. Sometimes they are busy, but that must be a good thing because he is doing something right and it is worth waiting a few moments to see Dr. Michael because he gives the same great care to everyone who comes in.”

Lea B.

“I have had a wonderful experience at Greenwood Chiropractic. As a lawyer and a former dancer, my back has been put in terrible positions that have resulted in chronic pain and misalignment. In just 12 sessions, Dr. Arsheed eliminated most of my lower back pain as well as shoulder pain I’ve had for over a decade!!!! The staff is lovely to interact with and the office is in a great location. The few bad reviews seem to be from people who don’t understand that chiropractic results take time and consistent visits. I highly recommend Greenwood Chiropractic!”

Stephanie W.

“Over my 67 years of life I have been treated by several Chiropractors. None came close to the results I have had at Greenwood Chiropractic Clinic. After just four sessions with Dr. Arsheed and one (best ever) deep tissue massage, I feel as if I have been given a new body! The atmosphere is filled with warmth and caring backed up with precise expertise. It feels like wonderful magic to me!”

Jim N.

“I really enjoy going to this clinic! I was in desperate need of a good chiropractor that is close to my house and with convenient hours. So many clinics are closed during lunch hours or close too early to be helpful after work. The hours are so excellent and convenient for me. My first appointment was with a fill-in doc so I was a little nervous. She was excellent, did the pre-testing X-rays, measurements, etc. The next week I finally met the owner/doc, Dr. Michael and he has been so great. Since I’ve really done a number on my neck, I’ve been going in three times a week. He is incredibly kind and helpful on my road to recovery. Kristi at the front desk is amazing. She knows everyone by name and always has some fun information to share. It’s a very busy place, but I rarely wait more than 5 minutes. Did I mention how much I like going to this clinic…”

Kelly S.

“I’ve been to several chiropractors’ offices throughout Seattle, and even in some other areas of the country. I’ve experienced just about everything in terms of different technologies and tools and methods…Dr. Michael is the best chiropractor I’ve experienced. I went in with some serious pain (isn’t that the way of it…) and was disappointed to find out that it’s their policy not to do adjustments on the first visit. However, because of my insurance situation, they were able to give me a deal on the price of the consultation and X-rays (something not all chiropractors do, but is so helpful from a patient standpoint, as I was able to actually see how bad my back had gotten), and set up an appointment very quickly after that.

Long story short, I’ve been going here two to three times a week for the last two months and I feel so much better. I’m sleeping better, I can run/work out longer, and I’ve learned some techniques and exercises for keeping my back in better shape.

Oh, and they charge me less than my co-pay because they are good people. I sincerely look forward to my appointments here, and I feel like I have a real relationship with Dr. Michael and everyone else in the office. (EVERYONE remembers your name.)

There are so many options out there for chiropractors, but even though this is easily the most convenient for me, location wise, I would travel several miles for the care and respect and kindness that I experience every time I step into the office.”

Josh S.

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