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Welcome to Top Seattle Chiropractic Office

Welcome to Greenwood Chiropractic Clinic! Dr. Michael Arsheed has been treating the Greenwood and other North Seattle communities for over 30 years. Often people visit us for the first time seeking pain relief from an acute or chronic condition in the back or neck, which is causing pain and discomfort. Or they’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident and require treatment to restore their health. Sometimes, you have tried other methods of correcting your problem area and the nagging issue will just not subside. That’s where we come in. We are here to help!

As a graduate of the elite Sherman College of Chiropractic, Dr. Michael has been on the forefront in the field of Chiropractic care since 1984. We understand that you often seek us out when you are in pain. This can be a frustrating situation, one which is often not helped through seeing your general practitioner who may have suggested anti-inflammatories, pain medications and other healing options that have not been able to identify the root and true cause of the problem. This is where natural, gentle and holistic chiropractic methods are often sought out. So, that’s where we begin! We will take you through each process step-by-step and alleviate any apprehensions that you may have while helping you through your journey to restored health and vitality.

Greenwood Chiropractic Clinic has proudly served the Greenwood neighborhood since 1984! Dr. Michael Arsheed has over 30 years Chiropractic experience. With each year, Dr. Michael has continued his education as a back and neck pain specialist, focusing on additional methods that can benefit each and every patient through their individualized treatment. Our clinic is located in the heart of the Greenwood community of North Seattle, WA and along with Chiropractic, we offer a full range of additional services, such as Massage Therapy, auto injury care, physiotherapy, back pain management and spinal decompression therapy. We’d love to serve you!

Contact us today at (206)784-9806!

Greenwood Chiropractic Clinic
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"Dear Michael, Sue, Kristi and others ! Happy New Year !!! The best wishes ! We remember you, you are working very professionally ! Thank you for everything" Margartia P. - Google Review
"Dr Michael is the best! He and the staff treat everyone like family. Go here you will not be disappointed." Emil Anderson - Google Review
"I had never been to a chiropractor before and had reservations about it, but I had this shoulder issue, that I had to find a solution to. Dr. Michael is a kind gentle soul who I was comfortable with ..." Crystal Nelson - Google Review
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